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International Relations and Marketing

is a department within the hospital providing medical services nationally and internationally to satisfy patients requirements.  
Either by bringing professional medical teams of certified doctors of different specialties from different countries to the hospital for diagnosis and treating patients in the hospital.

Services being provided for our patients inside the hospital include:-
* pre appointment report checking.
* arranging appointments.
* airport to airport pickup and drop.
* Flight and hotel reservations. 

Or For those who are in need of treatment/surgery outside kurdistan, we can facilitate and make connections with hospitals from (Turkey, Jordan, India, Lebanon, Germany and Britain) sending patients and getting them treated in the best hospitals of the mentioned countries.

As medical marketing, our main mission is to provide, shape and manage medical services in such way that it meets patients' needs and leads to the improvement in the health care throughout the region.
We are serving the finest quality of services available to improve the health of people in our community, assuring the services from clinical visits and other departments of the hospital have been served properly and providing a calm and comfort environment for patients and their families.
We provide a variety of subspecialty services to ensure you receive complete care for any chronic or acute medical concern.

Our objectives and values

*Safety and quality are our very first priorities.
*Putting patients first
*Act with integrity
*Serve the community