The Team Approach

Our Physicians favor the team approach in managing their patients. Each member of the team, physicians and staff alike, contribute his/her knowledge and skills in a particular field of expertise to reach the best possible outcome for the patient who entrusted his/her health to them. This is a principal tenet of our practice and a major reason behind the excellent reputation that we enjoy.

CMC Hospital employs over 100 full time employees. They have all been handpicked for their educational background and/or training, their experience, and their growth potential.
CMC Hospital is an equal opportunity employer.
We do not believe in favoring prospective employees on the basis of religion or gender.


CMC hospital building has five floors in each floor there are twenty comfortable rooms which are fully air-conditioned and well-appointed to meet the patients needs

There are three types of rooms available to patients who have to stay overnight at the CMC hospital


These rooms are well equipped with adjustable medical beds, ward robes and extra beds are provided for the patient’s companion. In this type of room two companions can stay with the patient.

The service in these rooms is 24 hours and more than two companions are allowed to stay with the patient at nights.

Large rooms with rest room in ensure ,the service are provided 24 hours for the patients by specialized medical staff and qualified nurses will stay in the patients room whole night to offer individual care and resolve patients problems and fulfill their requirements like providing assistance for the restroom and other cleaning issues .

What Makes Our Team Special

Smiling Faces

Skills & Professionalism

Personalized Care

Our Philosophy; Patients Come First!

A Gentle Touch

Efficiency & Loyalty