In this day in age, the clinical laboratory produces vital information for effective healthcare delivery. for our doctors and specialists, case assessments rely heavily on accurate, reliable and prompt laboratory the CMC medical laboratory, we are pleased to provide our patients with laboratory services of the highest caliber standards for quality and safety.

Our success depends mainly on our highly qualified team of laboratory professionals and technicians who are supported by fully automated services including a modern electronic data management system to eliminate error caused by manual data entry.
whether you visit the CMC medical laboratory for routine or specialized lab testing, you can trust that your laboratory results will be treated with the almost confidentiality by qualified, experienced, and committed professional experts and technicians.

Dr.Eman Alane

Dr. Ban Ali Husain Mustafa

Dr. Mohib Fawzy Najeeb Matloob

Simply Automation

VITEK®2C  uses unique ID and AST cards the size and shape of a playing card. Ready-to-use and low-cost, VITEK®2 ID cards offer a comprehensive menu of available tests. Based on this breakthrough innovation, VITEK®2 can provide identification and susceptibility results in as little as 5 hours2.

  • vitek-2-compact-systemSimple test setup
  • Same day results
  • Minimal reagent preparation required
  • Optimized safety with closed disposable & reduced handling
  • Traceability with pre-applied barcodes
  • Results at a glance:
    • Easy-to-access results with multiple filters
    • Bidirectional connection with your LIS
    • Automatic validation & transfer of preliminary results


The VIDAS® Solution

Reliable, flexible and simple immunoassay testing

Trusted around the world, the VIDAS® brand has been recognised for over two decades as a leader in on-demand immunoassay testing.

  • Single-test concept: one patient, one test, one result
  • Broad menu of high-quality and innovative parameters for routine, emergency, complementary and confirmation testing
  • Robust and reliable instruments, with 24/7 availability
  • Intuitive testing process with ready-to-use reagents


System features include:

  • Rapid automatic analysis results inless then 75 seconds
  • derived & totalized WHO and additional informative parameters
  • Automatically analysis of fresh, frozen and treated semen
  • On-screen visualization & image freezing capability
  • A complete semen analysis report print out
  • A built-in archive capable of storing up to 1000 test results
  • Complete stand alone desk top unit
  • PC compatibility, downloading capability for images and test results
  • A “High sensitivity” test mode for azoospermia and vasectomy validation
  • Video recording option
  • Variable optical magnification of up x 500
  • Visualization through slide & capillary









MasterClave system for Automated Media preparation

Easy to use, APS One is the necessary step between culture media preparation and efficient microbial detection and enumeration.

Filling and dispensing hundreds of petri plates in minimum time, APS One™ provides you with your very own reliable homemade culture media.
With this automated system, save time and be ensured of the high performance of your culture media, and of a perfect batch to batch reproducibility.picture2


  • BacT/ALERT® 3D 60: Simply system for Blood culture and T.B detection that gives reliable accurete results in the Same day .


  • 60 cell capacity (3,600 blood/body fluids annually)
  • Optimized space saving & cost-effective design – so any laboratory can benefit from BacT/ALERT® 3D technology
  • Configurable for blood or mycobacterial cultures


BacT/ALERT® Culture Media

  • Flexible media recovers organisms from many sample types from blood to sterile body fluids
  • Colorimetric technology and sophisticated algorithms minimize false negatives
  • Standard and specialized Fastidious Antimicrobial Neutralization media available
  • Shatter-proof plastic bottles maximize safety without compromising performance