The radiology department of CMC is a 24 hour /7 days Service department hospital we are continuously motivated and inspired by how our patients receive accurate dingoes get good treatment and recover from illness fast. It is our mission to help our patients receive the best possible healthcare at the most affordable cost.

The available machines are of the most advanced equipment and include :-

1- SonaAce R7 ultrasound system from Samsung:

It has features of high resolution crystal clear features, with 19-inch LCD monitor ,3D/4D –color technology, medical uses include

Abdominal ultrasound

Breast ultrasound

Obstetric Pelvic ultrasound

Obstetric Pregnancy ultrasound

Renal transplant ultrasound

Neck / thyroid ultrasound

Trans Vaginal  / tranvaginal ultrasound

MusculoSkeletal ultrasound

Vascular ultrasound

Other superficial soft parts

Ultrasound guided biopsy

2- Somatom Sensation Cardiac 64 CT(computed tomography) from Siemens:

It has high technology that produces whole body or organs specific images with maximum clarity& detail.

Its one of few machine that perform a whole body 3D image scan of patients arteries in less than 20 sec.

It can be optimized for cardiovascular imaging &non invasive cardiac imaging.

The scan protocols for adult & children can be defined according to body regions:

Brain CT

Paranasal sinuses (PNS) CT

Chest CT

Abdomen & Pelvis CT

Triphasic (Detailed liver imaging) CT

Angiography CT

Guided biopsy CT

Cardical CT

3- Philips Brilliance CT 16 slice is a second high performance system for routine CT studies , CT angiography & advanced sensitive applications , such as CT colongraphy& pulmonary studies.

4- Gold Seal Certified Sigma Excite MR 1.5 Test:

Powerful fixed closed MR machine that perform whole body imaging for broad clinical applications especially central nervous system &musculoskeletal system , in addition to interactive vascular imaging & detailed pelvic organs study ( uterus & prostate ) .

It also enhance diagnostic options for stroke evolution, peripheral vascular imaging & breast imaging.

5- Digital XrayPhilips :

Philips Digital Diagnostic TH  X-ray Optimus. It provides high resolution digital X ray films for different parts of the body ,in addition to conventional & interventional studies , with reporting by experienced radiologists.

Digital Radiography (X ray)

Computed and Digital Radiography

Barium Swallow, Barium meal & enema


 IVU (Excretory urography)

Dr. Shokhan Ahmed

Dr. Mohammed Jouda

Dr. Sheelan Hamad Abdullah

Dr. Mohammed Muyaser Naif

Dr. Hadeel Mohammed Farooq