Dr. Goran Mohammad Ahmad (koyi)
October 17, 2016

Dr. Fareed Tahseen Saber
October 17, 2016

Dr. Jalal Hama Salih Fattah
Email: dr.jalal@cmcph.net
Specialty:Senior plastic surgeon
Iraqi Board of plastic &reconstruct surgery
European Board of plastic ,Reconstr active &aesthete surgery (EBOPRAS)
Qualifications (Education):Assistant prof .in plastic surgery at collage of medicine (HMCL)Erbil
Professional Information:Inc.dence of faeial soft ………..in Erbil(2013-17(1))
Management of finger ………….in Erbil(2013-17(3))
Post burn head & neek reconstruction using expandust 2014-18(3)
Evaluation of hemangio management in erbil2014-18(3)
prospectice comparison
Training Courses:Training course in plastic surgery –Apollo hosp…..India -operation
Tel. Number(s):07504658504

Senior plastic surgeon

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