Dr. Niaz Jwad Al-Barzinji
September 30, 2016

Dr. Goran Mohammad Ahmad (koyi)
October 17, 2016

Dr. Muhsin Hayder Mustafa
Email: Mhqassar555@gmail.com
Specialty:Senior Consultant Urologist
Qualifications (Education):M.B.CH.B. College of medicine, university of Mosul ,Iraq June 1972
Fellow of the Royal College of surgeons ( Ireland June 1984 )
Fellowship of the Royal college of physicians & surgeons of Glasgow U.K /Spt. 1984.
postgraduate medical federation university of London U.K July 1985.
Diploma of urology, institute of urology British
Training Courses:international urological conferences in London 1985.
Two months practical scientific study in Germany for ESWL. & PCNL.
male infertility & male ED in London 1986.
One month scientific practice for urodynamic study in Germany in 2007.
6 months practical work with Jordan hospital for PCNL.And renal transplant-Amman (Dr. Nader Younis ).
one month work at Jordan hospital Amman –for penil prosthesis in ED. (Dr. Nader Younis).
*Many national & international practical courses & meeting at Iraq, Jordan,Syria,Egypt,Germany and France.
Language(s):Arabic – English
Tel. Number(s):009647507250796

Senior Consultant Urologist

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