Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgeries

This specialty includes different types of surgeries which used to decrease body weight, that’s why sometime called weight-losing surgeries.Briefly, it can be classified in to three types;

Blocking group, in this group, the surgeon will perform some sort of surgeries which diverts the pathway of food, in a way there will be decreased contact between food and gastrointestinal tract. By this way, there will be marked decrease in absorption of the ingested food, ultimately decreased calorie intake. Example of this group includes Biliopancreatic diversion, Jejunoileal bypass and End luminal sleeve Restrictive group, in this group of surgeries, the amount of food reservoir will be decreased, so he/she will feel full with small portion of food. Example of this group includes Vertical banded gastroplasty, adjustable gastric band, sleeve gastrostomy, intragastric balloon and gastric plication. Mixed group, this group includes different types of operation which involves both restrictive and blocking types. For example sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch.

Sleeve gastrostomy, which is a restrictive type, involves removal of large portion of the stomach longitudinally, and small part of the stomach remained which looks like a tube (sleeve), which holds little amount of food and person will feel satire easily.The advantageous point in this type of surgery is that it leads to a marked decrease in weight and improvement or healing in some condition which obesity is a cause, and doesn’t lead to any remarkable deficiencies of vitamin and iron.

We should bear in mind that these types of surgeries is not applicable to any overweight or obese person, the specialist surgeon should see the obese person and assess him/her, and then to discuss things together. Understanding pros and cons is important in these types of surgeries.

Bariatric surgeries considered to be the only non-medical way to heal diabetic mellitus completely.

All these types of surgeries performed by using laparoscopy, except in some rare instances, in which conversion is mandatory.

All these types of operations and specialties are available at our hospital, CMC Private Hospital, in a most professional way, under supervision of well-trained surgeons and staffs A lot of medical researchers conducted and almost all of them showed that these types of surgeries will lead to long-term decrease in weight.Bariatric surgeries are not only for decreasing weight, most of the time it will lead to great improvement in diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, sleep apnea syndrome, resolution in snoring, improvement in heart and pulmonary conditions.