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Victor Physiotherapy Center

Victor center for physical therapy and rehabilitation 

We are the physical therapy department in CMC hospital, our staff are from Kurdistan and Turkey with great experience with BCs degree holder physiotherapists .
We provide the newest ways and techniques of treatment for patients who have pain and musculoskeletal and neurological disorders and diseases .

We are providing treatments for
- All kinds if disc problems
- Neurological disorders and diseases
- Sport injury’s ( muscle, tendon , ligament)
- neck pain & back pain
- Chronic muscle spasms
- Joint disorders and injuries
- ICU RCU  patient care and chest therapy
- Post operative rehabilitation

The treatments that our center offers :
1- PRP-OZONE therapy it is used for
- Disc herniation back and neck
- Knee osteoarthritis
2-MAJOR OZONE therapy for
- immunity boost
- Joint pain
- To decrease the symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis , Fibromyalgia, immunological disease.
3-Acupuncture & electrical acupuncture
4-Manual therapy & chiropractic Techniques
5-LYMPHEDEMA therapy
6-Shock wave therapy
7-Cupping therapy dry & wet (Hijama) 
8-Neural therapy
9-Leeches therapy
10-Electrical therapy  ( TENS , FARADIC & GLVANIC Current)
11-Heat therapy (INFRARED)
12-Ultrasound therapy & microwave